Wineology comes in 3 popular varietals including:

Merlot Style
Pinot Grigio Style
Rosé Style

Kit size: 1.96L

Kit Weight: 3.10kg

What are the ingredients?

Ingredients include Ferment Blend: Sugars (concentrated grape juice glucose-fructose), water, diammonium phosphate, malic acid, citric acid, sulphites, yeast nutrient, pectinase.

Add pack: Chitosan (crustaceans), Bentonite, silicon dioxide, wine yeast, sulphites, potassium sorbate, magnesium carbonate.

What’s included in the kit?

The kit contains everything you need to craft your wine.

  • Fermentation bag (bag with orange cap and red dispensing spout)
  • Wine serving bag (bag with red dispensing spout)
  • Winemaking juice blend • Bentonite, Yeast, Sodium metabisulphite/Potassium sorbate, Chitosan, Kieselsol

We do recommend additional helpful materials which are not included in the kit including a funnel, scissors, measuring cup and double-sided tape.

How long will my wine last after opening it?

In just 3 weeks your 3.78L box of wine will be ready to serve —and will stay fresh for up to six weeks!

How do I make it?

You can learn how to make your kit by watching the ‘How To’ video or downloading the instruction sheets found in the How-to Craft section.

What is the alcohol level?

The alcohol percentage varies depending on varietal:

Merlot Style – 12% ABV
Pinot Grigio Style – 11.3% ABV
Rosé Style – 11.6% ABV

What is the residual sugar?

The residual sugar is approximately 0-10g/L

Do I need anything else to make my wine that doesn’t come with the box?

Everything that you need to craft your wine is within your Wineology kit but we do recommend having scissors, double-sided tape and a funnel.

What do I do if I’m missing something from my kit?

If you’re missing anything from your kit please reach out to customer service at support@mywineology.ca

Do I need a large space/environment to make it?

Wineology can be crafted on a small table but we would recommend having an area where you can keep the wine undisturbed during the crafting process as per the instructions. For more details on how to craft your wine, watch the “How To” video or download the instruction sheet found in the How-to Craft section.

Is there customer support?

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our site www.mywineology.ca for more information or reach out to customer service at support@mywineology.ca

How is Wineology different than a traditional winemaking kit?

Different than traditional winemaking kits, Wineology has all the equipment you require to craft your wine at home and is ready in 3 weeks. In addition, Wineology is:

  • Fun & easy to make, not messy
  • Makes 5 bottles of 750ml wine
  • A unique & innovative DIY experience
  • Light & easily portable
  • Great for gifting

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